Sedona Laser Center has been in the business of providing laser and non-surgical procedures for over ten years.

I had a wonderful facial and back facial today. Very relaxing. I felt very welcomed!

I love love love this place. Everyone is always so kind there. Even now when they are extremely busy they always try to accomodate me. Renee always tries to adjust her schedule to get me in if she can. I know she has come in very early sometimes so she can get more treatments done. I am one of those people who don’t think about it until the last minute. She always reminds me to schedule when I am there, but I travel a lot and never know my schedule. It always seems like they go above and beyond what any other clinic would do, and that I thank her and her staff for that. I am going to try to schedule, because that really is too much to ask someone to do.

Thank you Renee and Sedona!!!

I had a Jessner peel and it was great. I had some bad acne scaring and it is completely gone. My face peeled for about 3 days but the result was well worth the peeling skin. They also have some less expensive amazing products. I love their organic 30 spf sunscreen, it really feels more like a moisturizer instead of a thick sunscreen. Everyone was so helpful and polite. I will send my friends there. Thumbs up to the staff.

I am from India and my skin tones are darker. Sedona has the Yag laser which is for dark skin types, I was so happy because I can finally get rid of my unwanted hair. They are very professional and are very friendly. I am very happy.

I love my hair removal. I had a package of six for my underarms. My hair is all gone. No more dark shadow when I raise my arms or wear sleeveless shirts. The pricing is so reasonable! They offer such great discounts when you buy a package. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I am referring my friends. Thank you for the wonderful service.

I had a treatment done for my brown spots on my face and now they are gone and my skin surface looks even. I feel so much better about myself.

I have been going to Sedona Laser Center for a couple of years having various services done. I have had laser hair removal to my back, shoulders and chest. I have had excellent results. I even had sclerotherapy done on my legs by Dr. Scott Jenkins. I know that in the state of Minnesota you do not even have to have licensed professionals doing these services. Sedona has a licensed staff. It doesn’t matter if it is a RN, LPN, or licensed Aesthetician, they are all trained very well. Thank you.

I’ve been coming to Sedona for over five years and have found their professionals to be caring and sensitive to my needs. I strongly recommend them to anyone seeking professional skin care services.

N. Larson
Wonderful customer service and I’m so pleased with the results… actually ecstatic!! I’ve had five laser hair removal treatments on my underarms and I’m thrilled with the results!